Eva Olofsson
Eva Olofsson is a Swedish artist with a solid education in art, design and interiors.
Born in 1977 and based in Gothenburg.
Eva's paintings often offer the small beautiful details that our universe conveys every day but that can be difficult to detect at first glance. The dramatic nature filled with life is her source of inspiration, and this is where Eva finds the components that bring her creative mind to a unique encounter with the brush.
Eva's paintings are characterized by a peculiar expression that emanates from the special mixed technique she uses.
In Eva's work, you can always find new details which have been developed by textures built on layers. The colors flow and create a melody through the entire painting.
As the creative soul that she is, Eva always paints on intuition to the last brush stroke and there is never a clear conception of how the work should look like, this provides the viewer of her works with a magical journey through a world full of moments.
A vocation and comprehensive professional experience as a master florist, allow Eva to work naturally with plants and flowers in an intuitive way. These are ingredients that Eva skillfully balances in a harmonious interplay of life's big events and small details.
The journey of life and its stories are topics that Eva often depicts when she creates. In everyday life we find Eva in her studio in Torslanda, Gothenburg, where she works full time. Her paintings can be viewed on exhibitions at several galleries throughout Sweden and world around. 

Artist Statement
In my art, I wish to portray the nature and the meetings we humans collect during the journey of life. The creative process enriches me and allows me to open my inner mind to interpret the surroundings.
I find inspiration in everything from old books to maps, animals and people, and the details of life.
I want to convey a harmonious tour of life and an insight into the moments that we do not always see. What is happening in our world and its sentiments place a different imprint in my paintings.
I work on intuition through color and shape that comes naturally during my working process. I wish to channel my thinking to the viewer and my aim is to trigger the curiosity to wander through my paintings several times and constantly discovering new details again and again.
The whole offers a variety of components that can be discovered step by step and you can never see at a first glance. I work in many layers of acrylic, oil, screen printing, collage and drawing. Painting means joy of life for me and I wish that my art will transmit recovery and peacefulness for other people.

Solo Exhibitions in Sweden
2021   Galleri O, PrivateGallerySweden, Odensbacken  
2021  GalleryM1, Ystad2021 2021  Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2021   Galleri Blå, Linköping
2019         Gallery M1, Ystad
2019         Lilla Galleriet, Umeå
2018         Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2018         GalleryM1, Ystad
2018         GalleryM1 PopUp, Örebro
2017           GalleryM1, Ystad
2017           Galleri Blå, Linköping
2016           GalleryM1, Malmö
2016           Galleri Backlund, Gothenburg
2016           Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2016           GalleryM1, HotelContinentalduSud, Ystad
2015           GalleryM1, Örebro Castle
2015           Gallery Max, Ystad
2014           Gallery Blå, Linköping
2014           Gallery Eklund, Stockholm
2013           Gallery Brygghuset, Käringön
2012           Gallery Eklund, Djursholm
2012           Gallery Backlund, Gothenburg
2011           GalleryEklund,Stockholm
2010           VadstenaGallery,Vadstena
2009           ArtVenueGallery,Gothenburg
2008           GalleryBlue,Linköping
2008           County Government, Gothenburg
2008           ChrystalHall,Marstrand
2008           ExhibitionHall,OckeroLibrary
2007           Art Venue Gallery, Gothenburg
2006           Larjean Gardens, Angered
2006           Factory, Gothenburg
2005           Crystal Hall, Marstrand

2020      Galleri Backlund, Gothenburg
2020   Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2020   "A changing Landscape" Van der Plas Gallery, New York
2019          "Harvest Moon" Van der Plas Gallery, New York            

2019          Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2018          Galleri Blå, Linköping
2018          Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2018          Affordable Art Fair, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2017          Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2017           Affordable Art Fair, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2017           Galler Blå, Sommargalleriet Hällevik
2016          Galleri Backlund, Göteborg
2016           Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2016           Affordable Art Fair, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2016           GalleryM1, Ystad
2016           Galleri Blå, Linköping
2016           Galleri Sjöhästen. Nyköping
2015           AffordableArtFair PopUp! GalleriEklund, Stockholm
2015           Galleri Blå, Linköping
2015           Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2015           Affordable Art fair, Gallery Eklund, Stockholm
2015           Gallery Backlund, Gothenburg
2014           Gallery Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2014           Gallery Max, Ystad
2014           Affordable Art Fair, Gallery Eklund, Stockholm
2014           Culturenight Stockholm, Gallery Eklund
2012           Gallery Majvillan, Askim,
2012           Gallery Backlund, Gothenburg
2011           Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Blue, Linkoping ,
2011           Gallery Majvillan, Askim ,
2009           Tax Agency, Gothenburg
2007           Christmas Exhibition, Art Venue Gallery, Gothenburg
2005           Gallery InterArt, Gothenburg
2004           Cultural Blue Place Angered
2004           Easter Walking Marstrand

Judges assessed exhibitions
2015 Art Now 2015, Märsta Konsthall
2010 Salong! 2010, Helsingborg ART, Dunkers in Helsingborg
2007 Bohus Salong, Museum of Bohuslän Uddevalla

2004 Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Fund
2004 Otto and Charlotte Mannheimers Fund
2020 Konstnärsnämndens krisstipendium 2
2021 Konstnärsnämndens krisstipendium 3

Public Decoration
2014 "Shipyard workers" 2x6m. on a wall, Gothenburg

Education in Sweden
2021   At & Business Kulturakademin
2002-2004  New Domen Art School -Painting

2001-2 002 KV Art School -Image & RoomGestalts
2000-2001 KV Art School -Basic Art & Textiles
2000            Art College -Art
1998-1999  Art College -Interior & Design
1998            TBV Art School -Interior Architecture

Member of: KRO, KKV -Gothenburg, BUS, Gallery Foundation Taylor- Paris

Purchased from:
Abba Seafood, Apoteket, Alecta, Astra Zeneca, BohusMalmöns Guesthouse, Semper, Riksarkivet, KappAhl,
Carmel Pharma, Damco, Crawford, Gothenburg Opera, Hogia, Papyrus, Pedagogen, Härrryda municipality, Lawfirm Gärde Wesslau, Art society/ Kulören Kungälv, Lindex, County government Gothenburg, Mercer, Maerck, Nordea, MundiPharma, PEAB, Sahlgrenska, SEB, Schenker, SCB, Skandia, Valea, Volvo, Umeå municipality,
Västerbotten County Council, Öckerö municipality.